Founded in 2015 by Albert Clegg after winning the Brainchild Business Development Award, The Bean Creative quickly developed into a multi talented creative agency. Over the last two years we have worked for Adidas, Nandos, House of Vans, Global Street Art, The Royal Opera House, Gottwood Festival and many more.

For all enquiries get in contact via albert@thebeancreative.co.uk


Managing Director/ Founder

Albert is the man behind the brand. Originally from St Albans he now lives in London after studying Illustration at Norwich University of the Arts.

He started the company under the alias of Bean Clothing in 2014 with the simple aim to produce affordable, ethical, limited edition clothing that could also be used as a vessel to showcase his artwork.

He now manages the Collective. He leads on strategy and design, as well as all things digital marketing; and of course he paints, draws and prints, producing work under the name Agwa.

‘My influence for creating stems from a fundamental need to do so. I believe that the cultural significance of creating work is the reason to do it.


Design Director

George was the second edition to The Bean Creative and is the backbone of the company.

Originally from Nottingham, he met the other members when he studied Graphic Design at Norwich University of the Arts.

George is our in house graphic design department. He designs branding, books, packaging and products. Being the multi talented person George is he also produces films and photography for clients.

‘I’ve always liked the aesthetics of things; If something looks good someone must have given it a lot of thought, but at the same time it should look natural and not forced at all.‘


Director of Art

Rafail is our resident fine artist. He loves to paint. He gets stuck in with our visual projects and helps us attain the level of artistic quality we aspire to.

Originally from Athens he is the exotic member of the team. He came to England to study Fine Art at Norwich University of the Arts..

He designs clothing and prints, produces large-scale artwork as well as beautiful illustrations and paintings.

‘My painting revolves around humans and human issues such as greed, consideration of religion, death, life, fish, nature, our obsession with destroying it, and more.’


Production Director

Matt’s adopted nom de plume is Gingaplz and he is The Bean Creative’s Production Director.

The only local to Norfolk he met the rest of the members whilst studying Film in his home county, at Norwich University of the Arts.

He documents our endeavours and produces brilliant product and lookbook photographs. He also informs on digital strategy and writes copy for clients.

‘I believe that among the barren wasteland of selfies and food pictures, the internet can create a fertile landscape for budding photographers who often use nothing more than a smart phone to produce legitimately astounding imagery.’


Director of Art 

Zoe is another of our ‘proper’ artist. Graduating in Fine Art Zoe’s focus is largely on painting. She works on our large scale paintings and has been a pivotal member in the organisation and development of our painting practices. She also has brilliant art logistics experience and advises the collective on everything from curating and quoting to shipping and insurance.

Her personal work revolves around small scale watercolour paintings and larger oil paintings. Her focus is largely on symbolic character depictions.  

‘The imagination is not limitless. We can only imagine things that we have been influenced to imagine so therefore our imagination ends at what we have knowledge of.’