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Hello there, do you wanna tell us a little about yourself?

I’m 19 years old and based in Norwich, currently a student at NUA studying Illustration and I’m an image maker.


At Ease


What have you been up to recently?

I’ve been lucky enough to be featured in the Moosey art Opening Show which is open till the 2nd  of May (go and see it!), it was kinda crazy being surrounded by so many huge and incredible artists as a newcomer in the ‘streetart’ scene.



Your artwork seems quite dark and sober, utilising a lot of negative space and derelict urban environments. Are you trying to convey something deeper than just creating a banging piece of art?

I’ve got this fascination with finding lost spaces hidden around me and I make work to bring attention to them. Merging these urban environments with humanoid characters I gather from people I see in the street engages a relationship between the two and almost gives the lost space a voice. Sometimes I’ll just draw in the moment and I’ll just keep going with it,  if it doesn’t make any sense to me I’ll work hard to try and understand it. I think it’s important to be conscious of what in your day has influenced you, and making art is a great tool for that.



There is a distinct element of boldness in your work. Do you allow the media and mistakes to dictate your practice or is there a more meticulous planned element to it?

I’ll usually have some kind of idea to how I want the final piece to look but I’m working to employ a level of spontaneity in my practise and make the most of the mistakes rather than scrapping them; there’s something about mistakes in an artwork that feels really relatable and honest.



For such a young artist you have a very strongly defined visual language is there any secret behind you quick development?

Just giving myself time to draw every day really! I’m learning to use my sketchbook as more of a place to record than to just scribble away at and this has really helped me understand the way I enjoy making imagery.



Seeing as you’re so young and talented you must have some big ideas for the future?

Travelling and making work along the way is the dream so far,  I want to get off paper and start making bigger and better work and hopefully one day be painting giant murals and pieces everywhere!


Thanks so much for your time man. Check out more of J.Cooks work on his Facebook page or, better still, give him a follow on Instagram.


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