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Who are you?

I’m Maider and I’m from a little pretty place called Basque Country, full of mountains, beaches, tourists and RAIN. I had studied fine arts in Bilbo for four years and now I live in Madrid and I’m studying a masters in Art Research. My work had changed a lot during this time, but most of the things I’ve done are paintings and sculptures.

What attracted you to painting?

I started painting two years before the uni, before it I used to draw so much, copying all the things around me. I did it since I was a child and the thing I most liked to copy was my sister’s drawings, so now we have hundreds of repeated drawings in my house, so easy to know who made each one: the pretty ones are my sister’s, the rest mine. Anyway, this helped me to improve my drawings and at one point I was able to make drawings by myself and I started making life portrait drawings.



When I started painting I kept with the portraits but I used more my imagination, they were like big ilustrations. Finally I arrived to the part I most like. In my 3 first uni years I painted a lot, mostly self portraits in big scale. I made series of it changing my face, creating different characters of myself: the beardymaider, Maiderstain and many more!! jaja

I also paint little parts of the body in big canvases, I find it entertaining.



What inspires your portraits?

mmmm, I don’t know really, I think the television and the way other painters paint, the different styles of painting made me think about different things to ilustrate. Each portrait or painting goes with a different style or way of painting. Maybe.



How do you like to work?

I like to work with people, or at least somewhere full of paintings, in a studio or something. The last year of the uni I had a place called “Txoko” with my uni friends where we used to paint together (well, we did more stupid things wasting time than painting) playing music… It was such a relaxed place, we could drink beers, smoke, eat, dance, whatever. I think that it’s very important when I am a long time working to have someone to speak with, listen to some music and to have the oportunity for just be retarded and stop thinking about the really “serious” work you are doing.

What work are you most proud of?

To be fair, it’s not my painting work what made me proud. My last uni project was more sculpture and instalation, I focussed my interest in the landscape around me, thinking about how our reality is constructed. I worked with this idea for 7 months and I finished with many pieces made by maps, plaster sculptures, wooden sculptures, photographs and a book.



Now, in my masters project I am following this same theme, more focussed in how the cities are built, and also with the same way to create my work.



Do you consider yourself an artist?

mmmm no. I consider myself more like a person that is working around it, very interested in it, but I don’t think I am an artist because  I still have many things to learn and understand.

Do you have an idea for your future? How will you like to be creative?

My idea for the future is to stop studying art for a time, I’m just sick of creating just to get a mark, I will keep thinking and working but alone, I need some money, I want to travel, learn languages, that is what I really need to keep with my work in the future, because I want to live in France, or in England, or in Holland jajaja, i don’t mind where, I just want to learn and see new things.


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