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Gottwood Festival is a place where art and music combine within a serene setting to form a psychedelic bliss.

We were lucky enough at The Bean Creative to have the opportunity to paint at the festival and we have to say it was awesome. We set up in the forest and spent the majority of our days sitting on our adopted bench painting and talking to passers-by. Everyone had a kind word to give, regardless of their mangled state. It felt that the attendees were a dysfunctional yet loving pod. People shared the experience and felt bonded by their geographical isolation.

The crew and all the other artists involved welcomed us into the fold and made our stay a hectic, yet pleasant experience. We put faces to names and physically met the people we had been talking to all of whom were as lovely as we had thought. We learnt a lot from the experience and we’re already looking forward to applying our new skills to next year’s fest. Painting in a forest with good company, that’s always going to tick boxes for us.

Check out Albert’s and Raf’s photos and pieces from the weekend, we were pretty happy with the outcomes.



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